Sherwani Tulasi Honey (30g)

Sherwani Tulasi Honey (30g)

Natural honey from our pristine jungle of Baling right to your doorstep! Very clean and pure stingless bee🐝honey that brings many benefits to us like boosting our IMMUNITY. Best thing of all it’s ALL NATURAL! 😊

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Sherwani Honey Bee Farm is located in Baling Kedah offers 100% pure and natural honey extracted directly from the beehives. All our honey  products are pure, natural and high quality. We packaged our products professionally from hive to the bottles to maintain the best quality for our consumers. Our stingless honey  or better known as madu kelulut is Ideal as a natural sweetener, an ingredient in salad dressing, making fresh fruit jams, a healthy alternative to sugar and so much more suitable for adults and kids above 2 years.

Our best selling product is Tulsi/Basil honey which is suitable for  both adults as well as for kids as immune booster, best home remedy for cold and cough.

Recommended intake: 1tsp perday

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