KOKEDAMA – Podocarpus Macrophyllus(Mini Size)

KOKEDAMA – Podocarpus Macrophyllus(Mini Size)



Create floating indoor garden at home and office for natural beautification purpose hence get connected to nature

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Good news! 😊

In GMS DeFlora Aroma Garden, we are selling hanging KOKEDAMA whereby you can hang it anywhere you want it. Now you can create floating garden at your home. The name Kokedama comes from the Japanese koke, meaning “moss” and dama meaning “ball”

Benefits of kokedama:-

– Help us breathe easy by releasing oxygen

– Reduce stress by bring nature to your living space

– Improves mental health by creating a relaxed atmosphere

– A decor dream to show off the plants to your family and friends

– Plants bring good luck too as Japanese assure that they absorb bad  energies

– Great nature gift for you love ones

– Kids can’t reach them when kokedama is floating above them hence chances for them to disturb is less😉

Kokedama is very easy to maintain since they do not require special care as we are using special fertilizer from Europe so you need to care only on 2 aspect, water and indoor light(brightness). As for water, just soak the ball inside a bucket of water for 10 seconds, once within 2 – 4 days depending on the weather. Just touch the bottom of the ball if it still have moisture than it is fine. Make sure don’t over water it!👌

This plant’s name is Podocarpus Macrophyllus

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