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Our normal washing detergents has chemical compounds including alkylbenzene sulfonates which are harmful and allergic to some people. We have soapy product which are packed with the same characteristics as chemical detergents. But the difference is they are natural, organic and environment friendly.

Soapnuts are natural berries packed with the same characteristics as chemical detergents. But the difference is they are natural and they are organic which helps to keep the environment clean. Try soap berries for your laundry and make a difference in saving the environment. Take your next step towards green earth.
Eco-Friendly and Bio Degradable and organic. Soapberries contain ‘Saponin’, which have the ability to clean and wash. When in contact with water, it creates mild suds, which is similar to soap.

Soapberries can be used for cleaning basically anything, from washing clothes, as a liquid soap, cleaning and shining ornaments, household cleaner etc. Soapberries are highly-effective and gentle at the same time. It will leave your laundry fresh and clean and compared to other detergents, its mildness will keep colors bright, maintaining fabric structure of your clothes for longer periods. It can be used on all fabrics and at all temperatures.

Soapberries are allergy-free and hence are good for your skin especially good for babies, eczema and sensitive skin. This chemical free product is excellent for washing children’s clothing.

Soapberries are both Ecological and Economical when compared to other forms of detergents. 1 kg of Soapberries can be used for up to 150 loads of laundry. Soapberries need not to add any other detergent. Soapberries wash most effectively between 30 and 60 degrees and will last on average about 2-4 washes. When the Saponin has been used up the shells will look dark and feel soggy, at this point you can safely throw them on your compost heap.

Soapberries are among the list of herbs and minerals in Ayurveda. They are a popular ingredient in Ayurvedic shampoos and cleansers. They are used in Ayurvedic medicine as a treatment for eczema, psoriasis, and for removing freckles. Soap nuts have gentle insecticidal properties and are traditionally used for removing lice from the scalp.

Let’s take a step towards green earth by saving the environment.

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