Geethanjally Homemade

Geethanjally Homemade

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Homemade Mini Laddu /Ladoo (18 pcs in box)Will box up with transparent hard tupperware and sealed. 1 box contain 18 mini laddu Made with pure ghee, chickpea flour, melon seed, cardamom & sugar. Shelf life: Best before 7- 10 days in room temperature; do not expose to excessive heat or wet place Storage: Advisable to store at room temperature to get the best taste. Refrigeration can extend the shelf life of the products to more than 2 weeks but advisable to consume finish after removing from refrigeration. Please preorder at least 2 days before. Bulk orders are welcome.RM16.00

Homemade Fresh Coconut Candy / 100% Fresh CoconutFreshly made with fresh coconut upon receiving orders. Homemade Coconut Candy. Available in many flavours' 25 pcs per pack INGREDIENTS Fresh Coconut Butter sugar Vanilla extract #coconutcandy #homemade #kandykelapa #candykelapaRM15.00

Homemade Omopodi (murukku mixture) 500gA mixture of rice and chickpea flour with cumin seeds added to the ingredients and special secret and signature blended spices to its unique taste. The mixture is a nutty combo of fried rice flakes, cornflakes, boonthi, curry leave and dhall.RM10.00

Rozy 4 in 1 gift pack seriesVery reasonable price RM75 Reusable Exclusive Container Filled with 2 type of 25pcs of delicious premium Cookies each Exclusive packaging 10 pcs of murukku + /- 280 g of mixer murukkuRM75.00

Golden Treats 6 in 1 Premium Cookies Gift set SeriesVery reasonable price RM60
Reusable Exclusive Container
Filled with 7 pcs of delicious premium Cookies
Exclusive packaging

RubyRozz 4 in 1 Premium Cookies Gift set SeriesRubyRozz 4 in 1 Premium Cookies Gift set Series Very reasonable price RM50 Reusable Exclusive Container Filled with 7 pcs of delicious premium Cookies Exclusive packagingRM50.00

Thenkuzhal MurukkuMurukku is a savoury, crunchy snack originating from the Indian subcontinent, popular in southern India. The snack's name derives from the Tamil word for "twisted", which refers to its shape. ... We are purely homemade product makers make in our house Do not worry on the quality of murukku It will be soft and crunchy murukku with heritage taste. Murukku is typically made from rice flour and urad dal flour. Main ingredients: Rice flour, Urad dal flour, Omam, Sesame seed ... Quantity : +/- 56 pcs RM28.00

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