Suria Mall was establish on 7th March 2018. We have spent huge time on research and development. Mainly to be different in the market and niche segmentation.

  1. We are the 1st to introduce eBazaar Deepavali 2020 in Malaysia and Asia Pacific Region.
  2. We are proud to integrate latest technology to provide amazing user experiences.

To provide the most simplest Marketplace portal to consumer as well as to sellers.

Dedicated to support local products and sellers.

To support major festival season : Deepavali, Ponggal (Thaipusam), New Years, Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Christmas.

Sellers can sell and buyer can buy throughout the year regardless of any festival or season.

Category: Daily Shopping

A shopping for festival season. Provide a platform for sellers to sell online nationwide. Provide a convenient shopping experience.

Vendor is the person or company selling as retailer or wholesaler in online Portal. A seller should register as a Vendor to sell online.

Once register as a Vendor, you need to choose a Seller plan and establish the payment. Company will verify and approve within 24 hours

Go to section and choose the preferred plan. You registration will be approve within 24 hours after verification.

  1. Malaysian (NRIC)
  2. Age 18 and above.
  3. SSM or Company is compulsory as per required by Law.
  4. Almost everyone who compliance with above 1 to 3 requirements.

Sellers can continue sell in Suria Mall at Daily Shopping section forever.

  1. You start as Reseller or Drop-ship marketer.
  2. We are in mid of creating a wholesaler portal to support retailers / Vendors.
  3. Meantime try to find products to sell.
  4. Our Drop-ship system will be ready on January 2021.
  5. Register as Reseller and start sell our Plans (Earn upto 20% Commission on each sign ups)

NO. You can still operate with personal saving account. Nevertheless company account will be an advantage. ie. Tax and record keeping.

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