Want to increase site traffic and engage potential customers in February 2019? Consider creating articles, videos, and podcasts that entertain, inform, and just plain help out.

Content marketing is the act of creating, publishing, and distributing content with the goal of attracting, engaging, and retaining customers. Content marketing works best when the articles or videos you make are useful, informative, or entertaining.

In a sense, content marketing uses principles of persuasion, such as authority, likeability, scarcity, and reciprocity. Done well, content marketing will engage prospects and improve search engine optimization.

But sometimes it’s hard to know what to write about. Here are five content marketing ideas that you can use for your business in February 2019.

1. Use Wikipedia

No matter how many blog posts or articles you’ve written, there are always ways to improve your composition skills. For this reason, despite having written and published several thousand articles, I started taking the “Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing” course from MasterClass.

An exercise from the fourth chapter of that class inspired this first content marketing idea for February 2019. Here is your challenge.

Visit a random Wikipedia article using Wiki Roulette. The “Next” button will allow you to step through random articles until you find one that interests you. Read that Wikipedia article completely, following important links to learn more about the topic.

Then make a list of ways this Wikipedia article might relate to the industry your business serves or topics that could attract visitors to your site. Use your list to compose an article, blog post, or similar content.

I used this method to create an article about entrepreneur Edwin Perkins. Perkins had a moderately successful business with a shipping problem. His solution resulted in Kool-Aid, one of the best-known beverage mixes in America. I thought his story might be of interest to ecommerce business owners and managers, so I wrote about him.

For additional ideas, I clicked through a few dozen random Wikipedia articles looking for possible connections to ecommerce and retail businesses. Here are two examples.

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